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Lavina Eco

quick maintenance,

grinding and polishing

Lavina Eco allows quick cleaning, grinding and maintenance of hard floors.

Only 5 steps

Lavina ECO technology is recommended for concrete, resin and terrazzo floors. Lavina ECO will be effective wherever there is no need for deep grinding and where the scrubber is ineffective for deep cleaning, light grinding and polishing.

Only one Lavina B36GT-S machine handles all Lavina ECO steps.

This technology is based on the usage of innovative diamond tools installed on the Lavina B36GTS-S planetary propane high-speed grinder – DS Screens, Suprashine HD and Suprashine HP diamond pads.

Lavina ECO technology operates in only FIVE STEPS with the possibility of very deep and aggressive grinding and cleaning.

What can be achieved:

  • Deep cleaning where the scrubber does not provide good results
  • Low cost per square meter
  • Only one machine for all steps in technology
  • Work speed – up to 1000 sq m. daily
  • Possibility to combine this technology with heavy grinding technology
  • Simple and quick staff training

Lavina Eco is dedicated for concrete, resin, stone, terrazzo floors, etc.

A standard system for cleaning and polishing concrete, stone and terrazzo floors.



All main works in Lavina Eco technology are performed with the B-36GT-S machine. It is a high-speed propane machine with 3 planetary 14-inch floating heads. The machine is powered by a 13.3 kW Kawasaki engine with a catalytic converter that allows it to work in closed rooms. The machine also has many other advantages, such as lighting of the working space or a floor sprinkler system.

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High-speed polisher / Grinder B36GT-S

Lavina Eco products



Indispensable machine for every cleaning and flooring company, as well as for companies which are making polished concrete.

It is used to maintain cleanliness and eliminate large contaminations.

Lavina B36GTS is a machine designed for concrete grinding, deep cleaning and renovation of large concrete surfaces. The world’s first high-speed three-head planetary machine RPM 1666-3000 (revolutions per minute). Has 3 heads 14 inches (355mm)

Powered by a Kawasaki gas engine (propane), which enables operation in closed rooms thanks to a catalytic converter located on the engine.

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DS diamond screens

Lavina Eco products


Microdiamond DS Screens for deep cleaning (light grinding) of concrete and stone surfaces. These screens remove the porosity of the floor, dirt and varnish layers. Honing and initial polishing is done as well. Contain electro-sprayed artificial diamonds. Can be used on cleaning and high-speed machines.

Grits: 120 (optional), standard 220, 400, 600.

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Lavina Eco products


Suprashine micro-diamond cleaning pads are completely new quality in the field of floor cleaning and renovation. These pads can be used with scrubbers and high-speed polishers. They easily clean both concrete and stone floors and provide a higher gloss at a lower cost.

Suprashine HP (High Performance) are modern diamond pads with an enlarged diamond coating which ensures a much better lifespan and working time. Grits: Suprashine HP 800, Suprashine HP 1800, Suprashine HP 3500.

Suprashine HD (Heavy Duty) are modern diamond pads with low grits for very aggressive cleaning of large dirt. Available in grits: Suprashine HD 220, Suprashine HD 400.

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Lavina Eco products


ULTRALIT GLOSS SHIELD – is a lithium-polymer-based sealer providing high gloss, resistant to staining and abrasion, used for improving gloss, increasing hardness and chemical resistance of ground and polished concrete. The product has two-fold action: lithium silicates penetrate concrete and harden its surface, while nano-polymer components create protective, firm and breathable micro-layer, which does not flake and peel off when the floor is used.

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Lavina Eco products


ULTRALIT HARD ECO – is a 8% lithium-based hardener used for thickening, hardening and protection against dusting for new or existing concrete floors. The component of the product – active lithium reacts with components of concrete and forms insoluble hydrated calcium silicate (CSH) compounds which improve surface hardness, reduce dusting, facilitate maintenance of concrete floors.

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