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Ultralit Gloss Shield

ULTRALIT GLOSS SHIELD – is a lithium-based sealer providing high gloss, resistant to staining and abrasion, used for improving gloss, increasing hardness and chemical resistance of ground and polished concrete. The product has two-fold action: lithium silicates penetrate concrete and harden its surface, while nano-polymer components create protective, firm and breathable micro-layer, which does not flake and peel off when the floor is used. 

Also the product makes blooms and mineral deposits less visible, and thus surfaces under treatment are given more gloss. When used in combination with a high-speed polishing machine ULTRALIT GLOSS SHIELD eliminates the need to apply waxes for concrete, liquid agents for polishing and traditional resin-based coatings.

High-speed polisher B36 GTS

DS diamond screens


Ultralit Hard Eco